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The whole idea behind Tradelink is to provide Australia’s trade community with better service, including the ability to provide you with our outstanding trade prices without making them available on our main site. Because these special discounted prices are only for trade clients, we set up the Tradelink platform. We run background checks on all applicants in order to ensure that they are members of our industry and are a good match for our services.

Access to photos, PDF files, videos, and more

With Tradelink, you’ll enjoy access to unbranded product photos as all the photos on our platform can be copied. Marketing materials can be requested in PDF format that will boost sales, and videos are available so you can understand the details about all of our products before ordering. In addition, templates are available for all of our products in order to make it easier for you to communicate your specifications with our expert flag makers.

Dedicated sales reps

One of the best reasons to sign up for Tradelink is the ability to enjoy direct access to sales reps. You’ll no longer have to wait until a representative is available to discuss your order. Instead, sales reps are always available online through email and Fast Chat, as well as over the phone.

You will never have to wait long to ask questions. From questions about trade prices listed for all products, to templates, marketing materials, PDF flyers, and unbranded product instructions, Tradelink clients get priority production.

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With dedicated service reps, quality production facilities, and discounted prices, we can service Australia's trade community effectively and efficiently.

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