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Common Flag, Banner and Table Cover Materials We Use.

One of the most frequent inquiries we receive is about the durability of our flags when flown outdoors continuously, 24/7, in all types of weather, without being taken down.

While it's challenging to pinpoint a precise lifespan for any flag, governmental guidelines suggest that a flag made of polyester or cotton bunting could be expected to endure about 180 days if flown from sunrise to sunset daily, excluding during harsh weather conditions. Experience indicates that a flag exposed round-the-clock may only last a quarter as long as one flown only in daylight.

It's important to remember that a flag, no matter its quality, is ultimately a fabric piece and will inevitably deteriorate over time due to environmental exposure. Nonetheless, proper care has been proven to significantly extend a flag's lifespan.

At Australian Flag Makers, we offer a selection of materials for custom flags, catering to various needs and preferences:

  • 200D Knitted Polyester, chosen for its enhanced durability.
  • 500D Woven Bunting Polyester, the pinnacle of flag material offering supreme durability for the longest lifespan possible.
  • White/Silver Blockout, the material choice for Teardrop flags and Feather Banners.
  • 800D Thick Polyester, the material used for media walls, table covers and SEG walls.

These options ensure that whether you're looking for promotional flags or durable outdoor flags, we have the right material to meet your needs.

200D Knitted Polyester

This fabric is among the most popular choices for flag production. Crafted from Polyester specifically designed for outdoor usage, it ensures that prints appear sharp and vibrant. Our production process is expedient because we have the capability to print directly onto the fabric.

The recommended methods for printing on this material include silk screening and dye sublimation (direct to fabric), which achieve exceptional quality. Printing is applied to one side, with the design penetrating through to the opposite side at approximately 87% visibility, resulting in a mirror image on the reverse.

500D Woven Polyester

Spun polyester stands out as the most robust material available for flag making. Its unique open weave design minimizes fabric stress, making it exceptionally resistant to strong winds. This makes it the ideal choice for flags that are flown round-the-clock, especially in areas with high wind speeds.

Due to the heavier weight of spun polyester, these flags need stronger winds to "fly" properly compared to those made from knitted polyester.

Given the thicker nature of this material and the impracticality of silk screening for smaller orders, we've perfected a printing method known as heat transfer. This technique allows us to apply and transfer designs onto the fabric, achieving a colour match of 98% between the front and back of the material.

White/Silver Back Blockout

Our teardrop flags and feather banners are made using White/Silver block out material. This specialized fabric features a white front side, ideal for vibrant direct printing. Meanwhile, its silver backside provides exceptional block out properties, ensuring our flags maintain full opacity with no see-through.

800D Blockout Banner/Cover

Our display media walls, SEG prints, and table covers feature 800D Thick block out material. This durable fabric offers substantial thickness and complete opacity, ensuring no see-through.

With a 15% stretch, it's ideal for SEG walls, seamlessly fitting into custom frames. The 800D material delivers vivid colours and sharp prints, while under light, it illuminates the design, bringing it to life with unparalleled vibrancy and clarity

Final Summery:

The location of where the flag is to be flown will determine the materials best suited. Take into consideration the types of conditions your flag with endure example, weather and sunlight are big factors into the life of the flag. If you want your flag to last, there is no point in having your flag made with lower grades of polyester if your flag will be flown in extreme weather conditions.

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