Custom made scarves are just the item for sports fans.

With virtually no limit to the design possibilities, custom made scarves are a fantastic way to support your favourite sports team and a unique way to increase your company’s branding.

Made of eye-catching satin, you may have already noticed custom scarves at a major sporting event. With the possibility of printing any team colours, mascots or logos on a custom scarves, they are a wonderful and attractive way to promote and support your favourite team.

However, custom made scarve is not only useful in the world of sports. They are also a unique way to advertise a company, promotion or event. As the scarves are fully customizable, it is possible to have any corporate logo, motto or colours printed. Making for a perfect give-away, or to simply include as part of your uniform.

To take advantage of this unique advertising tool, or to take your support for your team to the next level, ask for a quote.

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Standard Size:

130cm x 13cm

Custom size are available.

Product Information

Minimum order of 50.

Made from polyester spandex

Fully customizable printing options.

Single sided or double sided options.

Scarve Template