Advertising banners are a fairly common way to advertise, so much so that vendors, clients, and customers have come to expect them at events and outside retail shops. If you really want to stop people in their tracks with your advertising message, choose an advertising fabric wall banner.

These massive displays are sure to get your message across because of their size. When everyone else is using small banners, you’ll stand apart from the crowd with an advertising fabric wall banner.

Make a statement in a big way

The advertising fabric wall banners from Australian Flag Makers are specifically constructed to make a statement. There are four different wall banner products to choose from, and they come in dozens of sizes.

Not only can you use a frame and stand with your banner, allowing you to create advertising nearly anywhere, you’re also able to use it as a screen. This innovative use of the wall banner allows you to break up an advertising space into separate areas. You can even hang the canvas on the wall, if there isn’t enough room for the stand!

Multiple bases to choose from

Not only do you have your choice of wall banner products, you also have the ability to choose between different kinds of bases. Whether you’re looking for a low-profile base for indoor events, or something a bit sturdier for outdoor events, we’ll make sure that your eye-catching wall banner stays put.

Our wall banners can even be packed up in an easy-to-carry case! To learn more about this banner or any of the others we have to offer, contact us today!

Part No. Name Material Print Size(cm) Display Size(cm) Display Weight(kg)
E17S01 Retractable Display 110g knitted polyester,
600D canvas,
250g Soft Knitted,
300D Polyester
130~230×110~220 240×240  5.6


Name Material Display Size(cm) Print Size(cm)
Barriers-01 Knitted Polyester
600D Canvas
250g Soft Knitted
150×75 142×60
Barriers-02 150×100 142×85
Barriers-03 150×125 142×110
Barriers-04 200×75 192×60
Barriers-05 200×100 192×85
Barriers-06 200×125 192×110
Barriers-07 250×75 242×60
Barriers-08 250×100 242×80
Barriers-09 250×125 242×110


Name Material Display Size(cm) Print Size(cm)
Barriers-01 Knitted Polyester
600D Canvas 250g
Soft Knitted
150×75 145.5×59
Barriers-02 150×100 145.5×84
Barriers-03 150×125 145.5×109


Name Item No. Material Print Size(cm) System Size(cm)
Wall Shelf101 HS-WF101 Knitted Polyester
600D Canvas
250g Soft Knitted
150×140 170×177
Wall Shelf102 HS-WF102 150×170 170×207
Wall Shelf103 HS-WF103 150×180 170×215
Wall Shelf104 HS-WF104 150×210 170×245
Wall Shelf105 HS-WF105 212×140 232×177
Wall Shelf106 HS-WF106 212×170 232×207
Wall Shelf107 HS-WF107 212×180 232×215
Wall Shelf108 HS-WF108 212×210 232×245
Wall Shelf109 HS-WF109 250×140 270×177
Wall Shelf110 HS-WF110 250×170 270×207
Wall Shelf111 HS-WF111 250×180 270×215
Wall Shelf112 HS-WF112 250×210 270×245
Wall Shelf113 HS-WF113 280×140 300×177
Wall Shelf114 HS-WF114 280×170 300×207
Wall Shelf115 HS-WF115 280×180 300×215
Wall Shelf116 HS-WF116 280×210 300×245
Pictures Part No. Name Material Size(cm) Weight(kg)
item_adwall-base-1 HS-BP18X30 Square Plate Steel 18x30x8 2.64
item_adwall-base-2 HS-BP30X30 Square Plate Steel 30x30x8.2 5
item_adwall-base-3 HS-BPR40X40 Square Plate Steel 40×40 11
item_adwall-base-4 HS-BP40X40 Square Plate Steel 40x40x8.2 10
 item_adwall-base-5 HS-PWB2 Water Base Plastic 45×30.5 4.1
item_adwall-base-6 HS-PWB1 Water Base Plastic Φ45×25 3.7
 item_adwall-base-7 HS-WFB Cary Bag 600D Oxford 160×30 1.16
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