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The flags at Australian Flag Makers are better than ever because we now use a 650 denier polyester material called 650D FusionTex. This new material is specially made just for our flag products. It has a thick thread weave, which makes it strong enough to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Although it is strong, it has the feel and appearance of cotton, which provides the flag with a professional, finished look.

We have also made some improvements to the flag by adding triple stitching to the fly end, which really holds the corners together. Combined with the new 650D FusionTex material, we’re able to offer durability that has never before been seen. We know you are going to love this new material too.

You can buy high-grade Aussie flags here at Australian Flag Makers! We offer only the highest quality flags, which includes the brand new 650D FusionTex material. Most Australian flags you will find are made from normal polyester, a low grade product that doesn’t offer the same durability as the 650D FusionTex.

The 650D FusionTex is a heavy-duty woven polyester material with a strong weave, but it’s still light enough to fly gracefully with little wind. You will find our prices are no different, no matter what kind of material you choose, but you’ll enjoy a higher quality national flag with our new 650D FusionTex material.

Our Australian flags are made using the lastest printing techniques that provide outstanding true colour. The ink we use even has UV inhibitors to make sure the colours last. The flag is made with a reinforced header and is double stitched around each edge, with triple stitching on the fly end, to give the flag a longer life. Sister clips are included on the top and bottom of the flag.

Best Australian Flags For Outside Use

NAME Description Link
1. High Grade Printed Flag Australian Flag 90cm x 180cm Printed on 650D FusionTex - Super Tough. See Prices
2. Premium Sewn Flag Premium Grade Fully Sewn Australian Flag 90cm x 180cm made on 700D woven bunting. See Prices

Flag Specs are to Australian Standard ratio (1:2)

  • Size 1800mm x 900mm
  • New 650D FusionTex material
  • Reinforced Header
  • Fly end has triple stitching for extra strength
  • Sister clips for attachment to flag pole

Australian National Flag (Australian Blue Ensign)

High Grade Australian Flags

The Australian flag features 3 symbols:

  • The Union Jack
  • The Commonwealth Star
  • The Southern Cross

PMS Colours are:

  • PMS 185 Red
  • PMS 280 Blue
  • White


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