Sending vector art files are the best for us to use.

To help us work quicker we will need the artwork in the correct format.

We accept the following format files: Jpeg – PDF – Bitmap – Illustrator 8.0 or higher (ai or eps) – Photoshop 5.0 or higher.

No Tiff files please

For screen or digital printed flags Australian flag makers prefers files created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as a vector file AI or EPS

Photo like images:

High resolution images (300dpi) saved to 25% of the size you wish your flag to be, theses files can be very large and cannot be emailed. You can send them through our upload server its a free service and you can send up to 1GB file.

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What is a vector image?

Vector images which are created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) are best because they’re scalable, vector-based images are resolution independent. You can increase and decrease the size of vector images to any degree and your lines will remain crisp and sharp, both on screen and in print. Fonts are a type of vector object.

If your flags are going to be screen printed then for each colour there needs to be a film cut, to cut the image on the film the software needs a lined drawing and that’s what a vector image is a lined drawing.

With digital printed flags we run straight from the file.

If your artwork is complicated and you don’t have a vector image still email it we may have to redraw it into vector. This is a free service of ours.

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