Get noticed with a huge exhibition display fabric stand

Fabric stands often act as background walls in trade shows because they easily attract the attention of passersby. Well-tailored and decorated with lights at the back, the fabric stand looks novel and vivid, which enables it to become the focus of any crowd.

By using sublimation printing, we are able to create pictures on the screen that are riotously colorful. The frame, which is made out of aluminum, ensures the stand is extremely lightweight. It expands with ease and can be setup in minutes. With your logos and slogans printed on it, the fabric stand can easily promote your brand, which means customers will resonate with your advertising in seconds.

We offer several fabric stands for you to choose from which include:

  • Fabric Wall Display Stand
  • Curved Wall Fabric Display Stand
  • Pop Up Display Wall
  • Curved Pop Up Display Wall

No matter which stand you choose, you can customize the size of the featured graphics and fabrics.

Attracted by the elegant shapes and unique designs of our fabric stands? Place your order now and enjoy using a first-class banner product at your next event.

Fabric Wall Display Stand


Curved Wall Fabric Display Stand