Custom Flag Pennant

More often than not, pennant flags are used to support sporting events, or get handed out to the players of specific sports; however these flags have revealed themselves to be useful as an advertising tool as well.

Their eye-catching design and nearly endless customizable attributes means that custom made pennant flags can easily help to increase the visibility of branding, new products or promotional deals, and that only scratches the surface.

Any logo, team mascot, message or colours can be printed on pennant flags which are available in virtually any size. So ask us for a quote today.

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Flag Pennant Size:

No standard size. Customers will provide their own sizes for us to make.

Flag Materials:

Materials used are: 100D polyester – 200D knitted polyester – 500D polyestyer

Printing Methods:

We have two printing options they are digital printing and screen printing.

Digital Printing:

will be the best option for complex designs. For example logos with gradients and faded colours have to be printed via digital print.

Screen Printing:

is most cost effective way to print flags is via screen print. The method has limitations though. We can only print spot solid colours.

Single sided or Double sided?

Single sided

Single sided reverse flags means the front side will be 100% and the back side will be 85-90% bleed through.


Double sided with block out

Double sided flags have a middle block out material to stop the see through. We print two flags and sew them back to back. This means you will see the flag image correct on both sides.


Every pennant flag is finished with two rows of stitching.

There are a few fixtures that can be used they are:

Grommets – Rope Loops – Rope and Sister Clip – Sleeve Pocket – Heat Cut Edges.