Traditional banners are great when it comes to encouraging people to come inside your booth or retail space for a closer look, but what about the advertising you use when they actually step inside? Make sure that all your bases are covered with a table display.

Instead of relying on big bulky stands, table displays are made to sit on the tabletop itself. Place them on a trade show table or a retail counter top to remind potential customers what you have to offer.

Miniature banner designs with a big impact

When you think about a display banner, big probably comes to mind, but a high-quality banner doesn’t have to be big to get noticed.

We have three different table displays to choose from, and each one measures less than two feet wide. Although the table displays are small, they have a huge impact. They allow visitors to your booth to see your logo or custom image while they’re browsing materials on your table or talking with you about what you have to offer. They’re small, compact, and extremely easy to transport, so you’ll love bringing them to a variety of special events.

Quality materials and printing techniques

No matter what sign you choose, quality counts. Here at Australian Flag Makers, we use only the highest quality materials and printing techniques. Each of our table displays is made out of durable, yet beautiful silver coated satin, and your image is printed using dye sublimation techniques to insure it is crisp and clear.

Let us design a table display just for you! It all starts by filling out our custom form and requesting a personalized quote.

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Part No. Name Material Flag Size(cm) Display Size(cm) Display Weight(g)
HS-TFS Table Display-S Silver Coated Satin 12×19.6 14.4×4.6×24.4 370
HS-TFM Table Display-M 12×31.6 14.4×7.6×36.4 420
HS-TFL Table Display-L 22×31.6 24.4×7.6×36.5 620