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Our custom flag sample page has been setup to show you some of the custom flags we have made and there sizes.

We can make any size flags with your images on.

Click any of our Custom Flag sizes to view more.


1. Custom Sport Flags click here to images
Custom Sport Flags
2. Company – Business Flags click here to images
Company Flags
3. School Flags – Click here to view images
School flags
4. Street Banner Flags – Click to view
Street Banners
2'x3' Custom Flags

Flag size 2′ x 3′

3'x5' Custom Flags

Flag size 3′ x 5′

Custom flag 3x6
4'x6' Custom Flags
5'x8' Custom Flags

Flag size 5′ x 8′

Photo Flags


Car flags

Custom Car flags

Car flags

Feather banner

feather banner Custom Flags

Feather flags

Mini Flags and Hand flags

2'x3' Custom Flags

Mini Flags

2'x3' Custom Flags

Hand flags

Table flags

2'x3' Custom Flags

Table flags

Car Flag Poles

2'x3' Custom Flags

Car flag poles

Coat Of Arms Flags

2'x3' Custom Flags

COA flags Tri Colour

3'x5' Custom Flags

COA flags Plain Colour

Printing Methods

Screen Print, Digital Print, or Heat Tranfer Printing learn about them here.

Artwork and Specifications

Get artwork specifications and learn to send in your artwork.

Colour Chart

An online colour chart for your reference.

Flag Care

Some suggestions for a longer lasting flag.



The frequently asked questions for flag makers.

Flag Material

Learn about your options on our flag materials