Frequently Asked Questions


Single Sided or Double Sided?

The most common flags are Single Sided. A single sided (also known as 1ply) flag means it is printed on one side. The print will bleed through to the other side and the image can be seen however it will be in reverse. For an example, think of National Flags.

If you have text or a logo that you need to read correctly on both sides of the flag, you will need a Double Sided Flag. When printing a Double Sided Flag (also known as 3ply) we print 2 flags, sew them together back to back with a middle “block out layer”. Double Sided flags are obviously more expensive, as we are print twice the number of flags, and are heavier which can result in some issues when flying the flag. For this reason we recommend Single Sided flags.

Go to our Single Side or Double Side page for more information.



What is the stand size for a flag in Australia?

In Australia, the standard size flag for a flag pole is 3’x6’.

Other flag types and products standard sizes can be found on each of their pages respectively under product descriptions.



What is your turn-around time?

Our turn-around time is 12 days from Flag Proof approval. For bulk orders however this may vary.



Can I pay extra to rush an order?

No. Here at the flag makers it is first in best dressed. We won’t put other customers orders back for extra money.



When requesting a quote, should I include white as a colour?

No, when ordering do not include white as a colour. All flag material starts as white, so only include all other colours. For example, if you wanted a red flag with a black and white logo it would only be 2 colours – black and red.



What flag material should I choose?

Generally for all flags that are intended for outdoor use we will automatically quote on Knitted Polyester no matter what you have asked for. This material is great value for money and quite strong, perfect for use on a flag pole.

100D Polyester will only be used if it is for smaller flags, like hand and car flags, or for bulk orders intended for promotional use.

If you are in a high wind area, such as by the sea, 500D Woven Polyester may be an idea. This is a very heavy duty material however there are some printing restrictions associated with this thick material.

More information on the materials available can be found on our Materials page.



Which fixture should I use if my flag is intended for a flag pole?

For a flag pole, the tradition fixture is the Rope and Clip. However the most popular fixture is Two Brass Eyelets or Grommets. The grommets are more flexible, being suitable for almost all hanging options like flag pole, attached to a building or even attached to a pole for marching.



Are there minimum orders?

Yes and no. The answer would depend on the product. While we would love to offer no minimum order at all, for some product the costs are just too high to make a small quantity. While it would technically possible to make these small numbers, it would mean the price we would have to charge would be far higher than we would be happy to offer you.

All the information regarding minimum orders can be found on each respective product in the product description.



Will my flag be Digital or Screen Printed?

All orders for small quantities will be Digitally Printed regardless of design. This is due to the high initial set up costs involved with Screen Printing.

Any large orders, that is orders over say 5pcs, where the design is in spot colours we will Screen Print. If the flag design has lots of colours or has gradients or fades, Digital Print would be needed.

For more detailed information, check out the Flag Printing Techniques page.



What format do you need my design to be in?

Its quicker to send your design in an eps or ai vector  format. If you don’t have this however don’t worry! We are happy to convert your artwork free of charge, saving you graphic designer fees. In fact we have no artwork handling, conversion or drawing fees at all!



Was your question not answered here?

Be sure to check out all the information pages on our website. There is detailed info on materials, fixtures, print methods, as well as the products themselves and how we make them.

If you still have a question, or if some things are still a little unclear to you, shoot us an email at and one of our team would be more than happy to get back to you.

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